Driver and Vehicle Licensing

Veteran Driver and Vehicle Licensing Programs

​The State of Wisconsin through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation provides benefits to veterans related to Drivers Licensing, Motor Vehicle Registration, and License Plates. 

​​Please visit the Wisconsin ​Department of Transportation Veterans​ webpage to learn more about these benefits and programs. 


​Veteran Identifier Eligibility

To be eligible for the Veteran Identifier on your Wisconsin drivers license or ID Card you must meet certain requirements related to your term and characterization of military service.

Character of Service:  The Character of Service Field on your DD214/DD215 must show, Honorable, General under honorable conditions, or Honorable under General. (Other than Honorable conditions will not allow you to certify through this process.)

Length of Service:  You must have at least one period of service that encompassed at least two continuous years of “active duty” or 90 days of “active duty” during a Statutorily-Designated Wartime Period, where the character of service meets the requirements above.* For this purpose, “active duty” means active duty (other than active duty for training) military service in the armed forces of the United States or in forces incorporated as part of the armed forces of the United States. (Full-time National Guard duty does not qualify as “active duty” under federal law)​. Active federal military service performed by the National Guard members under Title 10 of the U.S. Code may qualify as “active duty.”

If you are unsure of your eligibility status, prior to visiting the DMV, verify your current eligibility status by calling toll free, 1-800-WIS-VETS (947-8387), and choosing option 1.​

If the toll-free system indicates you are not currently eligible you have two options:

You can apply online through myWisVets.

  • Use one of the following internet browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  • Start by watching this 6-minute video which describes the myWisVets process and explains the options submitting documents.
  • Once you create your account, check your email for the registration verification e-mail. Once you receive the e-mail, click on the link provided to activate your login.
  • Submit a copy of your DD214/DD215, which provides proof of your character and length of service.
  • Once your eligibility for the Veteran Identifier is determined, you will receive an approval e-mail notification. Please do not attempt to obtain the Veteran Identifier from the DMV without first receiving the approval e-mail from WDVA. The DMV cannot issue the Veteran Identifier if you have not been first verified as eligible by WDVA.
  • Once you receive the determination e-mail, follow the link to the eligibility matrix, where you will also learn your eligibility status of other programs, benefits, and services via myWisVets.

You can apply using form WDVA 2241

  • Complete the form.
  • Mail the form and a copy of your DD214/DD215 to the address listed at the top of form.
  • You will receive verification from WDVA when your eligibility has been determined.

 Active Duty Military Personnel 

When the U.S. is involved in a military conflict, anyone who is a member of the military and stationed outside of Wisconsin is considered to be on "active duty" for the purposes of eligibility for modified procedures for the following driver licensing and registration measures:  Driver license renewal; duplicate driver license; insurance information; suspended or revoked license reinstatement; medical report; vehicle registration renewal; dealer and salesperson licenses; motor carrier fees and reports; and special license plates.