State Veterans Cemeteries of Wisconsin

​The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs operates three State Veterans Cemeteries.  The cemeteries serve as a lasting tribute to those who served in the armed forces and will remind future generations that veterans were instrumental in preserving our nation's freedom.

The cemeteries are located in Union Grove, King and Spooner Wisconsin.  The oldest of the three is the Central Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery (CWVMC) located on the grounds of the Veterans Home in King, WI and has been in operation since 1888.  The Northern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery (NWVMC) opened and began ​​​​operations in 2000. The Southern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery (SWVMC) located in Union Grove began operations in 1996 and is currently the 5th busiest State Veterans Cemetery in the country.

Southern WI Cemetery

Union Grove, WI

Northern WI Cemetery​

Spooner, WI

Central WI Cemetery

King, WI