Health Care Aid and Subsistence Aid 

​The Health Care Aid and Subsistence Aid Grant programs provide limited financial assistance to those in need and who have exhausted all other sources of aid. The grants may be used for specified health care and subsistence needs up to maximum grant limits.

Click Here to see "Eligibility Requirements" for the Health Care Aid and Subsistence Aid Grants.

Note: Applications for the Health Care Aid and Subsistence Aid Grants may be submitted through your local County or Tribal Veterans Service Office (CVSO/TVSO) ​

  • Click here  for the Application for the Health Care Aid Grant
  • Click here for the Application for the Subsistence Aid Grant

Application Window: Ongoing​

​​Dental care – aid for dental procedures may not exceed $800 in any consecutive 12-month period. Aid for extended dental care may not exceed $4,000 in any consecutive 24-month period.

Vision care – means a vision exam provided by a licensed vision care provider and a prescription for lens and frame. Vision care aid may not exceed $400.00 in any consecutive 12-month period. 

Hearing care – means any care provided by a licensed audiologist realted to hearing, including hearing exams or hearing aids. Hearing care may not exceed $200 in any consecutive 12-month period. Aid for each hearing aid may not exceed $1,875 in any consecutive 24-month period.

Grant awards for Health Care Aid and Subsistence Aid combined cannot exceed the grant program lifetime limit of $7,500.

Approved applicants will receive a Description of Benefits (DOB) that will list approved care and the time period during which the care must be provided. The DOB should be given to the health care provider you chose who will return it to WDVA with billing information. Payments will be sent directly from WDVA to the health care provider. If an outstanding DOB exists, binding quotes from a provider are necessary in order to have an additional DOB issued. Invoices for health care services provided that are received more than 60 days after the expiration of the DOB or any applicable extension will be denied.

Note: The department may not provide health care aid under this program unless the aid recipient's health care provider agrees to accept, as full payment for the health care provided, the amount of the payment, the amount of the recipient's health insurance or other third-party payments, if any, and the amount that the department determines the applicant is capable of paying.​
Financial aid may be provided when there is a loss of income due to illness, injury, or natural disaster and all other sources of aid have been exhausted. Applications for Subsistence Aid must be submitted to the department no later than 12 months following the verified loss of income. Grants are awarded for subsistence aid for any 30-day period, up to a maximum of three months (90 days). Grant awards cannot exceed $3,000 during any consecutive 12-month period or the Health Care Aid and Subsistence Aid grant program $7,500 lifetime limit.
​Unremarried surviving spouses and dependent children of an eligible veteran who died in the line of duty while on active duty or inactive duty for training OR, the qualified spouse and dependent children of an activated or deployed military service member, who have suffered or are suffering a loss of income because of the activation or deployment and have experienced an economic emergency, may qualify for assistance.

An economic emergency includes:

- Failure of the sole means of transportation.
- Failure of a stove or refrigerator or of heating, electrical or plumbing systems, etc.
- A medical emergency.
- Severe damage to the primary residence as a result of a natural disaster.

The service member must be a member of the U.S. Armed Forces or of the Wisconsin National Guard who has been activated or deployed to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. The service member must be a resident of Wisconsin. For military family members, federal poverty guidelines do not apply, although a loss of income due to the deployment or activation must be demonstrated.​​

Grants for Nonprofit Organizations

Entrepreneurship Grant

The Wisconsin Entrepreneurship Grant is available to registered 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) nonprofit organizations that provide entrepreneurship training, or technical, business, or other assistance to veteran entrepreneurs to improve employment outcomes. Applicants can apply for up to $100,000 per grant period. The Entrepreneurship Grant program includes a maximum total of up to $300,000 awarded annually.

​Application Window: CLOSED

Nonprofit Grant

The Wisconsin Nonprofit Grant is available to registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that provide financial assistance or other services to veterans and their dependents. Applicants can apply for up to $25,000 per grant period. The Nonprofit Grant program has a maximum total of up to $250,000 awarded annually.

Application Window: CLOSED

Veterans Employment and Transition Support (VETS) Grant

The Wisconsin Veterans Employment and Transition Support Grant is available to registered 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) nonprofit organizations that provide improved access to regional veterans' resource networks through established partnerships with community organizations to help transitioning servicemembers, and their families access federal and state veterans' services and state community resources to improve employment outcomes, general transition services, and improve care transitions.  The department may award grants of up to $150,000 annually.

Application Window: CLOSED

Visit the WDVA Grants to Nonprofit Organizations for more information. 

Grants for Veteran Employment

Veterans Retraining Grant

Recently unemployed or underemployed veterans may receive up to $5,000 per year, for a maximum of two years, if they have a financial need while being retrained for employment. The amount of the grant is determined by the applicant's financial need as calculated by the WDVA. Other education or retraining grants will be included when determining the veteran's financial need for this program and should be included on the application.  

View the Veteran Retraining Grant application here​

Application Window: Ongoing

Employer Grant

Provides funding of up to $5,000 to an employer for each hire of a veterans with a service-connected Federal VA disability rating of at least 50 percent. The program pays out up to $100,000.

Application Window: Ongoing

Link to Employer Grant Application.

Grants for Local Government

County Veteran Service Officer (CVSO) Grant

Provides grants to county veterans services offices for the improvement of services to county veterans.   The grants are between $9,350 to $14,300 based on county population. Counties with part-time CVSOs receive $550. Applications are due no later than Tuesday, January 31, 2023. 

Application Window: OPEN 

Bulletin No. 1097: 2023 County Veteran Service Officer Grant

Application Packet for CVSO Grant 

American Indian Service Grant

Provides grants of up to $16,500 to eligible federally recognized American Indian tribes and bands for improvement of services to tribal veterans. Applications are due no later than Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Application Window: OPEN

Bulletin No. 1098: 2023 Tribal Veteran Service Grant

Application Packet for TVSO - American Indian Service Grant

County Transportation Grant

Provides grants to counties that are not served by transportation services provided by the Wisconsin department of Disabled American Veterans to develop, maintain, and expand transportation services for veterans. The grants may be used to support multicounty cooperative transportation services. 

To view the bulletin about the grant, click here​​.

Application (MS Word, PDF)

The application supplement (MS Word, PDF)

Application Window: OPEN until 4 p.m. on November 2, 2022

Municipality Grant

Provides up to $150,000 in grants to local governments, cities, villages, and towns that provide services: such as police and fire support, solid waste disposal and road maintenance to veterans nursing homes.

Application Window: Closed

Grants for Veteran Service Organization

Veteran Service Organization Grant

Provided financial assistance to veteran service organizations of up to $175,000 for each organization assisting veterans with claims for benefits from the USDVA.

Application Window: Closed

Disabled American Veterans Transportation Grant

Provides an annual grant of $200,000 to the Wisconsin Department of Disabled American Veterans (DAV) for transportation services to veterans traveling to USDVA-approved medical appointments.

Application Window: Closed

Camp American Legion Grant

The department may annually grant up to $75,000 to the Wisconsin Department of the American Legion for the operation of Camp American Legion.

Application Window: Closed