WDVA Tool-Kit

​The WDVA Tool-Kit contains fact sheets and useful links related to Wisconsin veterans issues.


Grants Forms:

Form Number Description (Word)​ PDF
​WDVA 2016
Authorized Signatures - Veterans Education Grant Programs
WDVA 2016

​WDVA 2019
​Retraining Grant Application (RTG)
​WDVA 2019
​WDVA 2039
Retraining Grant Application (RTG) - OJT
​WDVA 2039​
​WDVA 2045

Assistance to Needy Veterans (ANV) Verification of Illness or Disability
​WDVA 2045
​WDVA 2085
Retraining Grant (RTG) Request for Second Payment
​WDVA 2085

​WDVA 2110
County Transportation Grant Application
WDVA 2110

​WDVA 2110A
​County Transportation Grant Application Supplement
WDVA 2110A
​WDVA 2200

(VetEd) Veterans Education Grant Application
​​WDVA 2200
​WDVA 2208

Entrepreneurship Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
WDVA 2208

​WDVA 2213

​Nonprofit Grant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
WDVA 2213

​WDVA 2450(ANV) Assistance to Needy Veterans Grant Application - Health Care
WDVA 2450

​WDVA 2453
(ANV) Assistance to Needy Veterans Grant Application - Subsistence Aid
WDVA 2453​​​

​WDVA 2642
​​Certification Request for Veterans Employment Grant
​​WDVA 2642
​WDVA 2643
​​Application for Veterans Employment Grant Program
WDVA 2643​​​​

Benefits Forms:

Form Number Description (Word)​ PDF
WDVA 1037​
Veteran-Owned Business - Request for Certification
WDVA 1037
​WDVA 1805
Veterans Residency Affidavit
​WDVA 1805​
​WDVA 2029
​School Application for Wisconsin GI Bill
WDVA 2029
​WDVA 2030​
Request for Certification for Wisconsin GI Bill
​WDVA 2030
​WDVA 2096
CVSO/TVSO Tax Abatement Verification Form
WDVA 2096
​WDVA 2097
Request for Certification for WI Veterans & Surviving Spouses Property Tax Credit
WDVA 2097​​​​​​​

​WDVA 2230
​Eligibility Application - Professional/Occupational License Fee Waiver
​WDVA 2230
​WDVA 2240
Eligibility Application - WisDNR Returning Service Members Voucher
WDVA 2240​​​

​WDVA 2241
Eligibility Application - WisDOT Veteran Identifier
​WDVA 2241
Memorials Forms:
Form Number Description (Word)​ PDF
​WDVA 2111
Pre-Registration for Cemetery Interment
​WDVA 2111​​​
​WDVA 2800
​Military Funeral Honors Request
WDVA 2800
​WDVA 2801
Military Funeral Honors Stipend Reimbursement Request
WDVA 2801
Homes Forms:
Form Number Description (Word)​ PDF
​WDVA 4000
​Application for Admission to the Wisconsin Veterans Home
WDVA 4000
​WDVA 4002
​Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information
​WDVA 4002
​WDVA 4003
​Veterans Residency Affidavit for Applications to a Veterans Home
WDVA 4003
​WDVA 4006
Applicant Admissions Checklist - Wisconsin Veterans Homes
​WDVA 4020F
Admission Agreement - Attachment F - Privacy Practices
WDVA 4020F
Form Number Description (Word)​ PDF
​​WDVA 1035
​Income Tax Release Authorization
WDVA 1035
​WDVA 1042
Request for Release of Military Seperation Records and Personal Information to the County/Tribal Veterans Service Office
WDVA 1042​​

​WDVA 1045
​Request for Release and/or Discussion of Veterans Records
WDVA 1045
​WDVA 2304
Request for Verification of Employment
WDVA 2304
​​WDVA 2419
WDVA 2419 VBATS Account Authorization County / Tribal Veteran Service Offices
​WDVA 2419​​​

​​​Veterans Homes
​​Poster/Brochure Number 
​WDVA P2500 ​Wisconsin Veteran Employment Resources (02/15)
​WDVA P2600Veterans Benefits Resource Center Poster (03/14)

WDVA P3014

King Walking Tour Map (06/14)​

WDVA P3015

Wisconsin Veterans Home at King – Call, Don't Fall – Preventing Falls (03/15)

WDVA P3025

Veterans of King – Letter by Erling Landsverk (10/13)

WDVA P3027

Wisconsin Veterans Home at King – Medal of Honor Monument Brick Contribution (10/13)

WDVA P3032

Wisconsin Veterans Home at King – Welcome: What to Expect (02/14)

WDVA P3033

Wisconsin Veterans Home at King – Long Term Care Nursing Resources (02/14)

WDVA P3034

Wisconsin Veterans Home at King – FAQ: Finance (05/14)


Wisconsin Veterans Home at King – Information (02/14)​


Wisconsin Veterans Home at King – Map (02/14)

WDVA P4015

Wiscons​in Veterans Homes – Wonderful Places to Live! (10/10)

WDVA P4020

Did You K​now: 70% Rule/Residency (10/13)​

​WDVA B0104Wisconsin GI Bill Tuition Remission Program Guide ​​

WDVA B0105​Wisconsin Tuition Programs Wisconsin GI Bill Application Guide​
WDVA B0106​Wisconsin Veterans and Surviving Spouses Property Credit
WDVA B0135​
Benefits and Services for Wisconsin Veterans and Their Families
​WDVA B0202
​Veteran Housing and Recovery Program
​WDVA B0204 WDVA Claims Assistance​
​WDVA B0206Veteran Employment Grant ​
WDVA B0215 Wisconsin Veterans Home at Union Grove Brochure
WDVA B0220​ ​WDVA Women Veterans Program
WDVA B3401 Wisconsin Veterans Home at King Brochure
​WDVA B4002
Wisconsin Veterans Homes
​WDVA B6000
Wisconsin Veterans Home at Chippewa Falls
​WDVA B7000
Veteran Outreach and Recovery Program
​​​​ ​