State Residency


​In general, to be eligible for Wisconsin state veterans’ benefits, programs, and services, a veteran must meet at least one of the following:

Wisconsin resident before entering active duty. Veteran was a resident of Wisconsin at the time of entry or reentry into active duty; or, his or her selective service local board, if any, and home of record at the time of entry or reentry into active service as shown on the veteran's report of separation from the U.S. armed forces for a qualifying period were in Wisconsin, or;

Moved to Wisconsin and taken an affirmative action to secure their resident status as well as residing in Wisconsin for any consecutive 12-month period after entry or re-entry into the service and before the date of his or her application or death.

If the person had more than one qualifying term of service, at least one term of service must have met the residency requirements for the purpose of establishing eligibility.

​Veterans who are otherwise eligible and who are serving on active duty in the U.S. armed forces need not be living in this state on the date of application in order to qualify for state veterans’ benefits, programs, or services.

Wisconsin Residency to Receive Benefits or Services

In addition to meeting state residency requirements for eligibility for state veterans’ benefits, programs, or services, a veteran must be a resident of and living in Wisconsin when making application, or be deceased.

Active Duty Members

Members of the military serving on active duty need not be living in Wisconsin at the time of application if they have retained their Wisconsin residency for income tax purposes, with the exception of the Personal Loan Program. All applicants for the Personal Loan Program must be a resident of and living in Wisconsin, regardless of current military duty status.