Floral & Grounds Regulations


​The State Veterans Cemeteries in Wisconsin strive to meet the highest standards.  The National Cemetery Administration's National Shrine standards are used as the guidelines for achieving these high standards. Listed below are the Floral and Grounds regulations for Wisconsin's State Veterans Cemeteries.  

Effective February 2021, the placement of Floral Tributes on graves other than day of
Interment is subject to the following conditions:

Floral and Grounds Regulations

  • Fresh Floral Tributes may be placed at gravesite throughout the year.
  • Water and Flower vases are available at various locations on the cemetery grounds from approximately April through October.
  • Boxes, wrapping paper, plastic wrap, and all other packaging materials must be removed when placing floral tributes or arraingements.


  • Artificial Flowers may be placed on gravesites beginning November 1st through March 15th.
  • Holiday Wreaths should be leaned against upright headstones and the base of the columbarium wall or placed on top of flush grave markers.
  • Wreath stands are not permitted.
  • Grave Blankets are not permitted.


  • Planting of trees, flowers, shrubs, etc. is not permitted.


  • Statues, vigil lights, solar or battery powered lights, commemorative items, banners, shepherd hooks, flag standards, breakable containers, and other items that are considered offensive or inconsistent with the dignity of the cemetery are prohibited.
  • Decorations and adornments that are commercial in nature (advertisements, promotions, solicitations, etc.) are prohibited and will be removed. 


  • Flags are only to be placed at grave markers for Memorial Day, will be placed by designated personnel prior to Memorial Day weekend, and will be removed within ten days after Memorial Day. 


  • Pets must be leashed or must remain in the vehicle at all times while on cemetery grounds.
  • Pet waste must be removed from the cemetery grounds by the pet owner; cemetery trash containers are not suitable for the disposal of pet waste.
  • Visitors who have pets on cemetery grounds are to be respectful and considerate of other visitors and cemetery personnel.


  • Securing or hanging decorations of any type to or from headstones, columbarium niches, or temporary grave markers using wire, brackets, tape, glue, or other adhesives is prohibited and will result in the removal of the decoration by cemetery personnel.
  • Grave decorations are not to exceed the height of the headstone, unless placed at a flush grave marker.​


  • All personal vehicles must remain on paved surfaces at all times.
  • Darkening of headstone and niche marker inscriptions using ink, paint, etc., is strictly prohibited by federal law. Any marking on a grave marker is considered vandalism. Grave markers are property of the Federal government. 
  • Lithochrome (black ink) is applied to grave markers in certain sections of the cemetery. This product is designed to fade with time and is not to be darkened as it fades.
  • Due to standards implemented by the National Cemetery Administration, lithochrome is no longer used in new sections of the cemetery.


  • All natural and artificial floral tributes, to include holiday wreaths, will be removed by cemetery personnel when they become unsightly, wilted, obstructive to cemetery operations, placed outside of allowed timeframes, or at the discretion of the cemetery director.
  • Prohibited items will be disposed of by cemetery personnel and will not be recoverable.
  • Floral tributes may be eaten or damaged by deer or other wildlife on the cemetery grounds. Control of wildlife is outside the scope of cemetery personnel. Please be understanding that floral tributes left at grave sites may be consumed or damaged by wildlife, weather, or other natural occurrences. 
  • Cemetery staff are not responsible for the security of floral or tribute items left on cemetery grounds.

The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs reserves the right to remove and dispose of any adornments or decorations that are out of compliance with these regulations. All adornments and decorations that are considered offensive, hazardous, inconsistent with the dignity of the cemetery, or obstructive to cemetery operations will be removed and disposed of by cemetery personnel. 

​The adoption and enforcement of these regulations is necessary to ensure uniformity, protect the interests of, and preserve the beauty and dignity of Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemeteries as the final resting place of those entrusted to our care.