Operation Welcome Home

​​OperationWelcomeHome.jpgWhat is Operation Welcome Home?

As the country observes the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, the WDVA is overseeing a two-year statewide commemoration named Operation Welcome Home in 2015 and 2016.  WDVA Secretary John A. Scocos appointed Medal of Honor recipient Gary Wetzel and former WDVA Secretary Ray Boland as co-chairs of Wisconsin’s Vietnam War Commemoration Committee.


What is the Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War?

​The 2008 National Defense Authorization Act authorized the Secretary of Defense to conduct a program to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War to honor Vietnam veterans, the fallen, the wounded, those unaccounted for, former prisoners of war, their families and all who served. The commemoration is designed for communities, veteran organizations, and nongovernmental organizations to thank and honor our nation’s Vietnam veterans with dignified, memorable events.


What are the priorities of the Vietnam War Commemoration?

The commemorative program will include activities and ceremonies to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To thank and honor veterans of the Vietnam War, including personnel who were held as prisoners of war, or listed as missing in action, for their service and sacrifice on behalf of the United States and to thank and honor the families of these veterans.
  2. To highlight the service of the Armed Forces during the Vietnam War and the contributions of federal agencies and governmental and non-governmental organizations that served with, or in support of, the Armed Forces.
  3. To pay tribute to the contributions made on the home front by the people of the United States during the Vietnam War.
  4. To highlight the advances in technology, science, and medicine related to military research conducted during the Vietnam War.
  5. To recognize the contributions and sacrifices made by the allies of the United States during the Vietnam War.


​Where can you become a commemorative partner?

Visit the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration Commemorative Partner Program​ website ​where organizations can register to participate in the Commemorative Partner Program.  Once registered, event notifications can be listed on the Commemorative Partner interactive events map webpage.​