Wisconsin Veteran Owned Business Page

Congratulations! You have been certified as a Veteran Owned Business in the State of Wisconsin by the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs. The State of Wisconsin is committed to supporting Veteran entrepreneurs and the Veteran Owned Businesses that are creating jobs and improving the employment situation in our state. Thank you for your service and thank you for helping to grow Wisconsin's economy.

One benefit of being certified with the WDVA as a Veteran Owned Business is that you now have access to the use of the Wisconsin Veteran Owned Business logo so that your customers can identify your status . Please note, these logos are for use only by certified Wisconsin Veteran Owned Businesses.​ 

Please do NOT alter any colors or fonts of any logos provided below by WDVA for your use.

Online Veteran Owned Business Directory

The WDVA is excited to include your business in an online Veteran Owned Business Directory. Please fill out this short online form and your business information will be automatically uploaded to the directory and shared publicly on our Veteran Owned Business page. NOTE: If you certified your business after 8/1/17, your business will automatically be included in the Directory and you do not need to fill out the form.

Color Logos


Black Logos


White Logos


Disabled Veteran-Owned Logos - Color, Black, and White Logos 


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