Women Veteran Business Owners


​Women Veteran Business Owners

The WDVA Women Veterans Program recognizes the imp​ortant role women veteran business owners play in our state. We are pleased to share your story and information about your business with the greater veteran community in Wisconsin. Interested in being highlighted here? Email us!

April 2019 Woman Veteran Business Owner: Carla Stephany​​​

Meet Carla Stephany, owner of Riveter Enterprises. Carla is an Air Force veteran who started this construction contracting business with locations in both Colorado Springs and Wisconsin.​​​


​Catalog of Featured Woman Veteran Business Owners

September 2017 Women Veteran Business Owner
June Carleton, Navy
Signs of Life by JC

July 2017 Woman Veteran Business Owner

May 2017 Woman Veteran Business Owner
Jill Clark-Mata, Air Force 

February 2017 Woman Veteran Business Owner
Lori Ford, Air Force 

January 2017 Woman Veteran Business Owner
Maria Kovach, Air Force 

December 2016 Woman Veteran Business Owner

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