Veterans Service Organizations

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Your Wisconsin County Veterans Service Officer (CVSO), is whom you can contact to find out if you or your family are qualified for local, state and federal Veterans' benefits. CVSOs work with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs and other Veterans Service Organizations to make sure you get all the Veteran benefits you are eligible for. 

To locate your CVSO, please call 1-844-947-2876.​​​
Native Americans have one of the highest records of military service per capita of any ethnic group. In fact, 25 percent of able-bodied adult Native Americans enlist in the armed forces, compared to just 3 percent of the general population. Yet, less than 50 percent of eligible Native American Veterans apply for benefits they have earned. The WDVA continues to work in partnership with the Governmental and Tribal agencies along with the Tribal Veterans Service Offices throughout the state to promote awareness of the many local, state and federal Veterans benefits. TVSOs work hand in hand with the different tribes of the state to serve the Native American Veterans of Wisconsin.  For a list of TVSOs in Wisconsin, click here​ or on the TVSO tab on the left.
There are many service organizations which can help you fill out VA forms, tell you about VA benefits, and also provide a wide range of help for veterans and their dependents.

There are both VA-recognized and non-recognized service organizations. A recognized organization can legally represent you before the Federal VA, while a non-recognized organization can provide you with information but cannot be your representative before the Federal VA.

You may choose any recognized organization to help you with a claim. Service organizations have trained personnel who can help you with your VA claim. Recognized service organizations may not charge for helping you with a VA claim and do not usually require you to be a member of that organization. However, if an organization’s help requires unusual expenses such as extensive photocopying, etc., you should inquire about its policies for reimbursement.

The WDVA also has trained personnel in our Claims office co-located with the Federal VA Regional office in Milwaukeee, WI who can help.

For a list of VSOs in Wisconsin, click here​ or on the VSO tab on the left.