Wisconsin Veterans Cemeteries - FAQ & Links

​National Cemetery Administration (USDVA) – Information on national and state cemeteries and USDVA burial benefits.

Nationwide Gravesite Locator (USDVA) – Search for burial locations of veterans and their family members in USDVA National Cemeteries, state veterans cemeteries, various other military and Department of Interior cemeteries, and for veterans buried in private cemeteries when the grave is marked with a government grave marker.

American Battle Monuments Commission – Information and listing of the overseas veterans cemeteries to include burial locations of those interred.


Burial arrangements are scheduled on business days only, excluding State holidays, between 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. typically on a 30-45 minute schedule. At time of need while family is present, funeral directors should call the cemetery office to request burial and verify a tentative service time. The cemetery office must establish eligibility of the veteran. The same procedure is followed if an eligible dependent predeceases the qualifying veteran.
In most cases, supplying a copy of the discharge document with character of service being under other than dishonorable conditions may establish eligibility. There are some exceptions based on the type of discharge, see eligibility, or contact the cemetery. If the family is unable to locate discharge documents, the cemetery will assist the family to procure documents. The burden of proof remains with the family if the cemetery is unable to obtain required documentation.
A veteran, their legal representative, or their next-of-kin may appeal a decision as to the eligibility of a veteran, or members of the veteran’s immediate family, for burial in a state veterans' cemetery. The appeal must be in writing and filed with:

Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
Office of Legal Counsel
PO Box 7843
201 W. Washington Ave.
Madison, WI  53707-7843

Federal law denies burial or other burial benefits in either national or state veterans' cemeteries of those veterans convicted of a federal or state capital crime and sentenced to death or life imprisonment. This includes veterans found by clear and convincing evidence to have committed a federal or state capital crime but not convicted of such crime because of flight to avoid prosecution, or by death prior to trial. This information can be found in Public Law 105-116. Eligibility for Military Funeral Honors in these situations is determined on a case by case situation by each branch of military service.

The lawn crypt garden is the option available to a veteran and spouse who choose ground casket burial. The lawn crypts consist of single and double depth pre-set liners at the Northern and Southern Cemeteries. An upright granite marker serves as the memorialization. The information required on the marker includes the individual names, branch of service, and years of birth and death. If the veteran is the first interment, his/her information is on the front of the marker. The spousal information will be placed on the opposite side of the marker upon interment.

A columbarium is one of the two options available if a family chooses cremation. The cemetery will inurn the cremated remains of a deceased veteran and/or spouse in a niche unit of the columbarium. Each niche unit will accommodate 2 inurnments, veteran and spouse. The urns are placed within the niche and an inner sealer plate is installed before the granite front is replaced. Families and funeral homes should call for availability and size restrictions of the urns. The bronze memorial plate serves as the marker. The information required on the plate includes the individual names, branch of service, years of birth and death. After the first inurnment takes place a bronze plate will be ordered with the appropriate deceased’s information. The length of time to receive the bronze plate after ordering is 30-45 days. When the bronze plate is received it is attached to the granite front of the columbarium. A replacement bronze plate is ordered when the second inurnment occurs. The replacement bronze plate will list the information for both the veteran and spouse. Cemetery personnel assign the location of inurnment at time of need.

The urn garden is one of the two options currently available if a family chooses cremation. A single space in the urn garden will accommodate a deceased veteran and/or spouse. The urns are placed within the ground at  a depth of approximately 30 inches. The information required on the marker includes the individual names, branch of service, years of birth and death.

Both the Northern and Southern cemeteries have computerized informational visitors kiosk systems. Families are able to access general cemetery information and burial site locations using touch screen technology during normal and off-business hours. All interments are entered into the system bi-weekly and afford visitors and families an opportunity to print site map locations.

Before assembling any documents, please contact the cemetery to determine if the veteran/spouse have pre-registered for interment. If pre-registration has occurred, the majority of documentation is already on hand at the cemetery and is not required.

To schedule an interment service the following documents or forms must be provided to the cemetery:

    Veteran – Military Discharge (DD Form 214) or other type of discharge document.

    Spouse – Copy of a legal marriage certificate.

    Dependent Child – Copy of a birth certificate or legal adoption papers. In certain situations additional documents may be required to establish enrollment in an educational institution or verify dependency due to a  medical condition.

    Final disposition papers and copy of a death certificate (when available).

    Applicable Fees.​
Contact the United States Navy Mortuary Affairs Office at 1-888-647-6676 and select option 4 or visit the USDVA FAQs webpage.
The cemetery assigns the next available space for burial. Gravesites are not reserved in advance of need. However, the cemetery has implemented a Gravesite Set-Aside Program. In the event (2) eligible veterans are married to each other, the cemetery will reserve the adjoining space for the surviving spouse. This program is also available to surviving veteran parents or veteran children of an eligible veteran killed in action.
​Facilities at the cemeteries in Spooner and Union Grove are only designed to accommodate committal services and honors prior to the interment. Services shall not exceed 20-30 minutes including Military Funeral Honors to avoid delaying the next scheduled service. At the King Cemetery, upon request, a chapel and chaplain is available for full funeral and committal services. Check with each cemetery for possible area clergy that could assist with a service.
Northern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery (NWVMC) and Southern Wisconsin Veterans Cemetery (SWVMC) do not allow gravesite services.  NWVMC committal services will be performed at the indoor cemetery committal chapel or outside committal shelter (closed Nov. 1 thru March 15).  All SWVMC committal services will be performed at the outdoor committal shelter.  The Central Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery (CWVMC) does not allow gravesite services except during the winter season.
Yes, scheduling memorial services would follow the same guidelines as outlined for typical committal services. Funeral homes and families are requested to check with the cemetery office to verify scheduling availability.

The WDVA Military Funeral Honors Program may provide full military funeral honors. Military honors are provided at no cost and may be arranged by contacting the cemetery administration office. Families may choose to arrange honors through veterans service organizations; however, they must advise the cemetery administration office of their intent.

For details on types of markers to include Pre-World War I era markers, go to http://www.cem.va.gov/hmm/.

The Northern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Spooner uses the following types of markers:

    Casket Burial – Upright granite marker
    Cremation Burial in Urn Garden – Upright granite marker or flush granite marker
    Cremation Burial in Columbarium – Bronze niche plate

The Central Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery at King uses the following marker type:

    Casket Burial – Upright marble
    Cremation Burial – Upright marble

The Southern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Union Grove uses the following types of markers:

    Casket Burial – Upright granite marker
    Cremation Burial in Urn Garden – Flush granite marker
    Cremation Burial in Columbarium – Granite niche plate

At the time of interment a cemetery representative will provide the next of kin a formatted outline of the authorized inscriptions pertaining to each type of marker. Families may also choose to include additional personalized inscriptions when space permits that meet acceptable standards. The required inscription for a veteran includes the name, branch of service, years of birth and death. Optional inscription may include a religious emblem (check with cemetery,) rank, war period, month and date of birth, death, and a term of endearment.

​Yes, the heavy plastic container provided by most crematories is the minimum acceptable container for placement either in-ground or within the columbarium. Cremation urn/containers scheduled for columbarium inurnment (Spooner or Union Grove) need to meet the size limitations; call the cemetery for allowable dimensions and other questions.

No; if the veteran is buried at a state veteran’s cemetery, the family is only authorized the burial and funeral expense allowance, not the plot interment allowance. For more details regarding these USDVA burial allowances, go to the National Cemetery Administration website.

A PMC is an engraved paper certificate signed by the President of the United States, to honor the memory of honorably discharged deceased veterans. Each cemetery will automatically order a PMC for each veteran interred at the cemetery which will be forwarded to the last known address of next-of-kin. Families can request additional PMCs by going to www.cem.va.gov/cem/pmc.asp and completing and submitting VA Form 40-0207 (Application for Presidential Memorial Certificate).

Contact the cemetery for volunteer forms or information on how to volunteer your time.​

The National Gravesite Locator includes burial records from many sources. These sources provide varied data; some searches may contain less information than others. If your search returns incorrect information about the deceased, please contact the cemetery directly to discuss your findings.

To obtain a flag flown over the USS Arizona Memorial you can contact:  https://pearlharbor.org/store/401505/

Arlington National Cemetery does not provide special memorial flags for these types of purposes.​