How to Request Military Funeral Honors in Wisconsin

Family members of the deceased veteran should first notify their funeral director of their desire to have military funeral honors rendered. (There is no cost to the veteran's family to have military funeral honors provided by WDVA or the military.) The family should provide the funeral director with the following information, if available:

1. Name of deceased, date of birth and Social Security number.
2. A form DD-214 or any other proof of veteran status or eligibility for   burial honors.
3. Branch of service and type of service (active, reserve, National Guard, retired).​

The funeral director or a family member, if not using a funeral director, should then complete and submit a form WDVA 2800, Military Funeral Honors Request​, to the Honors Coordinators via the fax number below. The veteran's discharge documents should be submitted along with the form WDVA 2800:

Fax: (262) 878-5677
Toll Free Fax: (866) 454-0356

If you have any questions before or after submitting an Honors Request please contact the Military Funeral Honors Coordinators Toll Free at (877) 944-6667​​​