Types of Honors Available

What is included with Military Funeral Honors

  • The minimum number of personnel who will respond to a request for honors will be two uniformed service representatives. At least one of these representatives will be from the branch of service of the deceased. These two representatives will sound Taps, fold and present the U.S. flag to the next of kin.
  • If requested and available, the MFHP at no cost to the family of a veteran will arrange for a firing detail consisting of a minimum of three individuals who will fire three rifle volleys. This rifle detail may consist of MFHP team members, veteran service organizations or other military organizations. It is appropriate to have multiple organizations present at the same service to render honors.
  • If requested and available, the MFHP will arrange for a bugler. Due to a shortage of buglers, Taps is frequently sounded with the aid of an electronic bugle provided by the military service providing honors.
  • ​Funeral directors are requested to ask the question to the family if they would like military representation and/or local veteran service organizations support for honors to be provided. If a family requests military representation and/or a VSO cannot provide the support requested, the honors should be coordinated through the MFHP.