Stipend Program

​Veterans groups that perform Honors are eligible under the state program to receive a stipend of up to $50 for expenses incurred while performing honors. To be eligible to receive the stipend:

  • The VSO must be a member of the Council on​ Veterans Programs or sponsored by one of its members. (For joint county or area groups a local individual post designation is needed.)
  • The VSO must have completed and returned a W-9 form (Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Verification)to WDVA.
  • The VSO must have participated in an honors training event and have been certified by WDVA to participate in the Stipend Program.
  • The VSO must not receive any honorarium, donation or ask for payment from the funeral home or family for the honors they are requesting a stipend for.
  • For honors that are not coordinated by the MFHP the VSO is required to submit a form WDVA 2801, Military Funeral Honors Stipend Reimbursement Request​, which will verify that the veterans group, post or chapter has performed honors on a given date. It is requested that forms be submitted to the MFHP office as soon after honors are performed as possible. All WDVA 2801 forms must be received within 90 days of the service. Failure to submit the WDVA 2801 within 90 days will result in non-payment. Forms should be mailed to the address listed on the form or faxed toll-free to 1-866-454-0356.
  • For honors that are coordinated by the MFHP (veterans organization participates with a military unit), there is no requirement to submit paperwork for the reimbursement. Upon the coordination of honors, the MFH Program will automatically submit the veterans group for the stipend. When the MFHP coordinates the honors and a veterans organization participates with the Wisconsin Army National Guard in performing the honors, the reimbursement for those honors will be $50.00. The MFHP is required by statute to first use any federal funds prior to using program funds.
  • The VSO is responsible for obtaining both signatures and submitting the WDVA 2801 form, not the funeral director.
  • The VSO must list on the WDVA 2801 form the post name and number that is shown on the W9 form, not the association or group the post is part of.

For additional information, contact the MFHP office at 1-877-944-6667 (toll free) or email:​.​​