VSO Training & Assistance

​Funeral Honors Training/Certification

Veterans service organizations that desire training for their honors team members should contact the Military Funeral Honors Program at 1-877-944-6667 (toll free). 

Veterans groups who complete the certification program will not only gain updated procedures and information on conducting honors, but will also be certified if their organization desires to apply for the reimbursement of honors. Upon completion of the certification, the VSO and individual members of the honor teams will receive a certificate and funeral honors lapel pin. For details about the training program see these items: Training Information/Criteria, Certificate, Lapel Pin​.

Assistance at Funerals


Each WDVA funeral honors office can augment or complement a VSO by providing trained staff in military uniform for the folding of the flag and/or the rifle volley. The program can also assist if a family requests an active-duty service member or a member of a particular branch of service. 

Bugler Assistance

The MFHP has a pool of military buglers, Bugles Across America (BAA), members and other volunteers. When the MFHP cannot locate a military bugler coordination is then made with BAA and other volunteers to sound TAPS or use the electronic bugle. If you would like to volunteer to sound TAPS, contact the MFHP or BAA. For more information on BAA, see the Bugles Across America.org—Wisconsin flyer

Blank Ammunition/M-1 Clips

VSOs may request and receive free .30-caliber blank ammunition. For more information see the Rock Island Ammunit​ion Fact Sheet​.​ 

Applications for Free Ceremonial Rifles

The Army provides ceremonial rifles and shipping at no charge to VSOs that apply through their national headquarters. 

6501 E. 11 Mile Rd.
Warren, MI   48397-5000

Contact: Terry Gavlinski
Phone: (586) 467-6294

Alternate Contact: Janice Guarnieri
Phone: (586) 467-6302

Alternate Contact: Audrey Clarke
Phone: (586) 467-6296

For more information, contact the WDVA MFHP office at 1-877-944-6667 (toll free) or email ​honors@dva.wisconsin.gov​​.​